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I Am Meaningful
Bloom Against Bullying

The Exclusive Empowerment Program for All Kids Ready to Transform Into Next Level Confidence!

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A Complete Transformation

Now is the time to build up your child and provide them with the skills and tools they need to live a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Do not let them go another day of being targeted at school and pushed around by bullies or allow them to be a bully.

With this framework, your child's sense of self awareness and self worth are going to be completely turned around. Let's help them reach their goals and become the leaders that they are!

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Don't deal with bullies and Don't be a bully

Take a stand and apply problem solving strategies.

See the empowerment of mental conditioning

Focus on gratitude, motivation, self belief, goals, and leadership skills.

form healthy Relationships

Build trust and healthy bonds with others. Gain a sense of empathy and accountability towards others.

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Our Story

I Am MEaningful was put into place by myself, a mother, who's child went through bullying. From sleepless nights, to countless school visits, emails, phone calls, worries, stress, anxieties, the list can go on. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. The only way to do so was to build up my child into an even better version of himself than he ever was. My son's mental health and happiness was my priority. No child ever deserves to be bullied or mistreated. Here at I Am MEaningful, I want to share with the world what we implemented, so other children can become the best version of themselves and bloom against bullies.

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